Thursday, 5 April 2012

Night Time Interior Driving Shots

A while ago I experimented with a long exposure shot from inside my car to capture the movement of the lights    outside, along with the light from the cars dash / dials. As my car has nice vibrant green dials with red needles I thought this could give a nice effect.

Here is the final shot.

I used my Redsnapper tripod and had two legs in the gap between the rear seat bottom & back and the other leg sitting in the handily placed rear cup holder. I also had a mate assisting in keeping the tripod steady whilst driving. For this I used my trusty Sigma 10-20mm Lens on my Canon 7D and set the shot up to get the dash centred in the frame, but also with as much of the windscreen in shot as possible. As after all what's going on out the window is the main interest in these type of images images.

Camera settings for this shot was : -
10mm Focal Length
13Second Exposure
Auto White Balance - But this was corrected in Photoshop after shot

The car was moving at about 10-15mph during exposure, anything faster would have resulted in a blurred image.

As this was my first time trying this kind of Photography and me being a perfectionist, there are a few things that I could and will do better for my next inside the car shot. As I think the focus was slightly off and I should have cleaned my windscreen!!

After shot I had to do very little in the way of editing, as the basic shot was usable, all I did to this shot was alter the white balance just enough to remove some of the horrid orange tint that the street lamps give out.

Then it was just a case of save and upload to Facebook & Flickr.

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